Wedding Photography Mentoring


Are you a photographer with a dream of being a wedding photographer, but can’t get a break? Endlessly commenting on social media posts asking others to give you a chance but with zero opportunities? The simple reason you are being ignored is down to one thing, experience, and I know what you’re thinking “how can I get experience if no one will give me a chance” If that’s you then I’m glad you are here, because with my mentoring program you have an opportunity to learn, grow and shine. Photography workshops are excellent for learning and getting experience however they are often overcrowded and lack the most crucial element of shooting a wedding, PRESSURE. Under the pressure of a wedding, photographers show what they are made of when the chips are down and the heat is on, most will fold if they don’t have the essential experience and training to deal with whatever comes. This is often the reason people come and go in wedding photography because they underestimate the amount of pressure and sadly find out when it’s too late.


Part of my mentoring program offers you the unique chance to experience the real pressure but also the most incredible fun and sometimes emotional environment of a wedding without you being directly under it. You will learn on your feet how to shoot, how to pose, how to make couples feel relaxed and enjoy having their photographs taken. Be prepared to work, you won’t learn standing at the back. I am blessed to work for some of the best couples I have ever met and for one day you will be part of my team helping as I create memories for my awesome couple.

With my 121 mentoring program my goal is to help you grow to your full potential, earn great money, feel valued and to be a successful wedding photographer. Depending where you are along the road, how much help you need I can cater something for you.

Areas my program cover:

  • Assisting me shooting a live wedding

  • Editing & workflow

  • Album design

  • Marketing / Advertising


If you are interested in my mentoring program and would like to discuss more with me regarding your journey, mentoring cost and more, fill out the contact form below and take the first step to being the photographer you want to be.

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